Saturday, January 3, 2009

Momma needs a new pair of shoes

I went online to Vegan Shoes and Bags as I need some insulated winter boots and my husband needs some dress shoes. Very good prices and no dead animal skin. Perfect. I placed my order over the phone with a very helpful and knowlegable man. As I was getting ready to give him my credit card number and was still exploring the rest of the website, I came across the FAQ section and saw "Why buy from China?"
Oh no! I confirmed that all my purchases were indeed made in China and, after apologizing profusely, explained why I was canceling my order. The FAQ section does explain that they buy from responsible companies, etc etc. But how do I know that? The government does such a poor job overseeing and regulating things that I don't trust that following THEIR labor laws really means much. They also mention that we shouldn't boycott the whole country but, that, in fact, is often what a boycott is. We currently have an embargo against Cuba and widespread sanctions against Iran and North Korea. In a country like China, where there is no oversight of any kind that can prevent tainted dog food, toys, baby formula or medications such as heparin, when the very top people only care about power and profit, then what companies in China can we trust?


Michelle said...

Good for you! With so many great options out there, why take the chance?

A site that I'd love to recommend is

They have really pretty shoes there!

Michelle said...

I almost forgot,
a great site for shoes for your hubby is @

They also carry boots, handbags, AND vegan acesories though as well!
A ONE STOP SHOP if I ever saw