Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas shopping

I went to BigLots last night (my first mistake) to get a few last minute little items. I wanted a toy for two little girls in Germany - every play set, jewelry making kit, paint by number, Barbie - they were all made in China. Then I tried to find liquid soap - all 7 brands made in China. That had me concerned because then I wondered if there might not be poisonous substances accidentally allowed in the soaps that could leach into your skin with repeated use. I also was looking for an item for a male relative - everything I picked up to consider was made in China. Of course, it goes with my theory, if it was made in China, you probably don't need it anyway. But isn't that half the fun in Christmas shopping, buying things for people that they don't need or wouldn't buy themselves? Anyway, today I head out to a couple nice stores - World Market, for one, to see how I can do.

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