Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fire and Light

I was told by the fire inspector that I needed a new fire extinguisher for our medical office. Went to Lowes and they had only one brand, Kidde. I was nervous. Made in Mexico. Whew! Then I went to lightbulbs to get a little 40 watt bulb for a lamp. I picked up a two pack of CFLs, happy they came in 40 watt with that tiny base. As I strode to the register, I flipped over the package - arg - made in China. None of the 40 watt CFLs were made outside of China. GE Reveal and Sylvania double life bulbs, also made in China. Sylvania did have a non CFL globe-shaped bulb that will fortunately fit my lamp and was made in Thailand. I only spent an extra 3 or 4 minutes looking for a lightbulb, which was good, as I was coming home late from a McCain Rally and was tired. Go McCain/Palen! (Sorry - I'm still jazzed from Palens speech the other day!)