Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No "Made in China" for 1 year

For the next 365 days, I will be boycotting products made in China.  This has been attempted before - but not well and not wholeheartedly.  The last couple articles I read in the newspaper about women boycotting products made in China were, frankly,  pathetic.  They start with a fatalistic attitude and go on to say repeatedly that they accidentally ordered a product made in China or forgot to check where the product was made.  I plan on checking every single item - otherwise, why bother?

Why am I doing this?  I do not want to support an oppressive communist regime.  I do not want to support a nation that will execute the head of their FDA, even though Mr. Zheng was accepting bribes and producing products that are fatal to humans and animals.  I do not want to support a country that produces products fatal to humans and animals.  I do not want to support a country that doesn't have a free press or freedom of religion.  I do not want to support a country that is rounding up and killing dogs to make the streets cleaner and prettier for the Olympics.  Every product you and I buy from China is supporting these things. 

Can one go a week, a month or a year without supporting China's economy?  Is the US so very dependent on Chinsese goods that it cannot be done? I don't know.  Over the next year, however,  I will be sharing my experiences while shopping, sharing advice where to buy products made outside of China and, when not shopping, sharing information about China's economic link with the US and the threats they pose to both US citizens and their own citizens.

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