Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My favorite clothing store

A couple years ago I found a store, Coldwater Creek, that makes clothes that fit me perfectly. The clothes are stylish but conservative, perfect for my job as a physician. I can order online and know how everything will fit. I checked some of my clothes at home that I ordered from them in the past - made in China. I called them today and asked if any of their products are not made in China. The customer service agent, in a somber voice befitting a funeral home director, said that she was sorry, all of their products are made in China. OK, so it will be harder now to have to go out to actual physical stores to look at labels and try on clothes before I buy them. I'll probably save a lot of money because it won't just take a credit card a click of a button to buy new clothes!

As for some good news... May Wah Healthy Vegetarian Foods at www.vegieworld.com is a place where I can order all kinds of wonderful faux meat products - roast duck, ribs, kung pao chicken, chicken wings, tuna, prawns - most of which are excellent. Almost everything on the label is written in Chinese, which had me gravely concerned that I was going to lose my favorite place for buying fake meat. I looked at several packages that were in my freezer - yippee, made in Taiwan!

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